From Kerry Kennedy: For all of our childhood, my sister, Kim, brother Tommy, and I lived the magic of Christmas every day by watching and helping our Aunt Iaulanda ("Nana") create beautiful handmade storybook character ornaments for homes and exclusive shops across the globe. These creations became one of the very few heirlooms our family ever managed to maintain within our grasp.

After many exhaustive years dedicated to her exceptional creations, Iaulanda made the heartbreaking decision to stop the business that had transformed so many homes into a magical wonderland for the holidays. Her retirement was long coming and unfortunately, none of the family had an interest in continuing what she had begun.

It is with her inspiration and devotion that we created these limited edition handcrafted Heirloom Christmas ornaments to cherish and display for years to come. Each stitch, just as Iaulanda's, is a true labor of love, and we are honored to be a part of your holiday traditions! Look forward to many more additions to the "Storytellers" collection!

[Editor's note: the items photoed here were created by Kerry, but tragically, most were lost when Kerry's florist shop and apartment caught fire one New Year's Eve. These photos are all that remain of the labor of love he created. Tommy was tragically killed in an auto accident in 1981. Kerry passed away in July of 2018. His enthusiasm for Iaulanda's dolls will live on with those who were lucky enough to glean some of his creations. I am blessed to have one of his rabbits and one of three "Iaulanda" dolls he carefully made for me, himself, and his sister.]

bellhop kkalicewonder
Bellhop Alice in Wonderland
kkcpthook kkspcdelivery
Captain Hook Special Delivery
 newred kksanta 
Red Riding Hood Santa
kkppan2 kkmadhat
Peter Pan Mad Hatter
Easter Bunny  
 iaulandadoll sm  
Iaulanda Doll (only 3 exist)